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Key Staff Members.


Annie Leonard

Executive Director

Annie Leonard is the Executive Director of Greenpeace USA. Leonard began her career at Greenpeace in 1988 and has returned to help the organization inspire and mobilize millions of people to take action to create a more sustainable future together. She is based in San Francisco.

Leonard has over two decades of experience investigating and explaining the environmental and social impacts of our stuff: where it comes from, how it gets to us, and where it goes after we get rid of it. Her film, The Story of Stuff, blossomed into The Story of Stuff Project, which works to empower people around the globe to fight for a more sustainable and just future. The project has built a community of over half a million people and released 8 more videos since The Story of Stuff, which have been viewed over 40 million times and been incorporated into countless school and faith curricula. In 2010, Simon & Schuster published Leonard’s New York Times bestselling book, The Story of Stuff, which takes a deeper dive into the issues of the film.

A hallmark of Leonard’s work with The Story of Stuff Project has been her keen recognition that solving environmental crises requires working across a wide range of movements to fix economic and political systems that are currently dominated by corporations at the expense of people’s health.

Leonard currently serves on the boards of Wallace Global Fund, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, Public Citizen, and the Democracy Initiative and has previously served on the boards of the Grassroots Recycling Network, GAIA, the Environmental Health Fund, Global Greengrants India, Greenpeace India, and the International Forum on Globalization. She earned her undergraduate degree at Barnard College, Columbia University and has a Masters in City and Regional Planning from Cornell University. During Leonard’s tenure at Greenpeace, she was arrested for protesting a business that was exporting hazardous waste to South Africa under the apartheid regime, and dumping it in a black community.


Chad Stein

Chief Operating Officer

Chad Stein began his career at Greenpeace in 2013. He has served as the Data and Analytics Manager, Interim Chief Development Officer, and more recently, the Director of Supporter Insights and Special Projects and now the Chief Operating Officer. Chad has consistently provided strategic leadership for the organization and has worked in collaboration across departments with key stakeholders to develop new operational strategies, implement special projects, and form new strategic vendor relationships.

Chad brings 13 years of experience delivering strategic and financial solutions outside of the Greenpeace ecosystem as an consultant , in addition to an MBA from George Mason University.  He joined Greenpeace because of his strong desire to save the planet for his son and future generations.


Tom Wetterer

General Counsel

Tom has been Greenpeace Fund’s head in-house counsel since 1998, advising the staff and board on 501(c)(3) issues.  He is a native Washingtonian with a finance degree from the University of Maryland and a J.D. from Georgetown University Law Center. Tom is also a member of The Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide (ELAW), an alliance of attorneys, scientists and other advocates working together to build a sustainable, just future across the globe.


Deepa Isac

Chief of Staff

Deepa Isac currently serves as Chief of Staff. As an attorney with Greenpeace since 2004, Deepa has advised on a variety of legal matters and managed criminal law cases when Greenpeace activists and environmental supporters engaged in peaceful civil disobedience to promote policy change that protects the planet.

Isac also serves as the legal liaison on numerous environmental lawsuits involving the Endangered Species Act and the National Environmental Policy Act, in addition to managing administrative law cases and intellectual property issues for Greenpeace.

Prior to her tenure with Greenpeace, Isac served as an Assistant Public Defender in Rochester, New York, where she defended the interests of the indigent. As an Assistant Attorney General for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, she handled civil litigation for violations of consumer protection and antitrust laws. Cases included litigation on telecommunication and insurance fraud.

Isac earned a Bachelor of Arts from Cornell University in 1997 and a Juris Doctor degree in 2001 from Emory University.


David Barre

Program Director

As Program Director, David is at the forefront of relaying Greenpeace’s messages out to the public, media, scientists and politicians. He has been with Greenpeace for more than six years.

David first began his work in the environmental movement because he wanted to help non-profit organizations improve their communications. He is looking towards the future and trying to find new ways of communicating to reach out to more and more people. David holds a Bachelors degree in fine arts from New York University.


Brian Anderson

Chief Development Officer

Brian Anderson is the Chief Development Officer at Greenpeace. Before joining Greenpeace he spent more than 25 years working to provide critical assistance to children and families struggling in poverty and he traveled it became increasingly clear to him that if we don’t address the climate challenge poverty will only get worse.


Nathan Santry

Actions Director

As Actions director, Nathan manages the US Action Team, which develops and coordinates non-violent direct actions in support of Greenpeace campaigns. The team generates creative ideas to further campaign objectives, manage field logistics and coordinate direct actions and events.  The Action Team also cares for all the direct action equipment and runs a highly specialized technical training program to provide the skills Greenpeace activists need to go out and peacefully protest in dynamic ways.

Nathan started out as a volunteer and canvasser for Greenpeace in Seattle in 1988 at the age of 18. He saw the need for someone to figure out how to make large banners and speciality theatrical props and for years created hundreds of them, which led him to get an arts degree from Cornish College of the Arts in 1996. Shortly afterwards he moved east to become a member of the Actions staff and has been director since 2006.


Ebony Martin

Director of People and Culture

Ebony Martin was appointed as Greenpeace’s Director of People and Culture in February 2015. The Department of People and Culture manages many of the administrative and operational functions for Greenpeace including human resources; administration and payroll; training and development; employee relations; and recruitment.  With her passion for diversity and equity, Ebony has developed and implemented strategies for hiring and developing diverse talent, fostering an inclusive work environment and ensuring equity in Greenpeace’s policies and processes.  Under her leadership, the People and Culture Department has transformed from being a transactional department centered on customer service and compliance to becoming a strategic partner.  Through active engagement with senior managers and leadership, the department now boasts of increased productivity, efficiency, and overall performance.

Ebony joined Greenpeace in February 2013.  An accomplished Human Resources professional, Ebony, has over 10 years of experience in the corporate and non-profit sector; specializing in talent acquisition and management, and employee relations.  Ebony earned her Bachelor of Arts from Immaculata University and her Masters in Human Resource Management from the University of Maryland.

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